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Clipping and Layers Masks

This is a great tutorial on using masks and the differences (benefits and downsides) of both the clipping and layers masks. Enjoy!

Why a responsive website

            Hello there friends, Our website has recently undergone a full renovation. We are now using a responsive web design . . . one website “view-able” on many devices. One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide …

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11 Rules of Writing

To join two independent clauses, use a comma followed by a conjunction, a semicolon alone, or a semicolon followed by a sentence modifier. Use commas to bracket nonrestrictive phrases, which are not essential to the sentence’s meaning. Do not use commas to bracket phrases that are essential to a sentence’s …

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Good image resource sites

I sometimes get calls/emails about where I find the images that I use when designing. There are many sites available, but the two that I rely on the most are DesignPics and Istockphoto – because of their large selection and their reasonable pricing. With DesignPics I have an account (I …

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