Paula Moriarity, Canadian Director of ICCM provides an update on Haiti

Until yesterday, communication with our ICCM teams in Haiti had been barely trickling in with all phone and internet lines down. One of our ICCM contacts was able to leave the U.S. only hours after the quake to bring clean water and medicine supplies, but unfortunately due to the severe damage, he is still in the Dominican Republic, trying to get across the border. It has only been since yesterday that we received any word directly concerning International Child Care Ministries, and what we know we will share with you.

Our field coordinator Mondale Perkins and his family are alive, sustaining only non life threatening injuries. Also to our knowledge, the only building that has collapsed is the FOHO (Friends Of Haiti Organization) building. Within that block’s radius, our office, the Parc Chretien FM Church and ICCM School (HA500), are still intact.

As of right now, our immediate concern lies with the 405 children in 16 schools directly in the Port-au-Prince area. If your child has a number that begins with HA500 through HA550, we will pass on any information as we learn it.  If you partner with a child whose number begins with HA600 through HA700, your child lives further up into the mountains; outside the area directly affected by the earthquake.

If you or your church is looking for ways to help, donations can be sent by cheque or via our ICCM website, made out to International Child Care Ministries; indicating the funds are for the « Haiti Quake Relief Fund ».

As we see the next few days, weeks and months unfold, we ask that you partner with us in prayer on the following:

  • Unaccounted ICCM staff (about 20)
  • Children (1,867 Canada & US) directly affected around the Port au Prince area
  • Our Free Methodist churches
  • Protection for teams who are on the ground

Though times may seem dark, let us be encouraged that God’s light will still shine.

Serving Christ together,

Paula Moriarity