August 2022 Update

Monthly National Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

Here are some things we will be praying about during this time. (Pastors, Prayer Point People and all they invite are welcome to be a part of this time of prayer.)

1) That as a family of churches, we will be watchful about subtle initiatives of the “angel of light” to confuse us and lead us to a compromised life and message, so that we can stay true to God’s Word.

2) That we will be a people who full to overflowing with thanksgiving and praise to God in our worship services, our small groups, in our families and our everyday lives, so that God will be glorified, we will be filled with joy and the power

3) That God will:

  1. Open doors of opportunity to share the gospel,
  2. Grant discernment and boldness when the opportunities come to share the gospel in our communities, schools, places of work, families and neighborhoods
  3. Inspire us to clearly and wisely explain the reason for our hope
  4. Enable us to live winsome lives that will remove barriers to hearing the gospel

4) That Satan will not be able to snatch away the seeds of truth that were deposited in hearts during the many camps we held across Canada. Pray that the Lord would bless and renew those who so faithfully gave of themselves to this important time of harvest. Pray that churches will know how to welcome, love and nurture them in the Lord.

5) That all of our churches will want to grow into becoming houses of prayer for all nations. That God will give the lead pastor of each of our churches a spirit of intercession that will guide him/her in all that is done. That the pastor, Prayer Point Person and prayer ministry team of each church will work in harmony to develop the prayer life of their church.

6) That as individuals and churches, we will deepen our relationship with God by learning to recognize His voice and responding to it with love, faith and obedience.

7) That our churches will be free to come together in person to encourage and inspire each other in serving the Lord.